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Our company

In 2005 created the Integral Group Distribution Gesagui SL in order to market and distribute beverages and food products from countries in Eastern Europe, based on the demand of the population resident in Spanish territory.

From the outset our goal was to offer high quality products at competitive prices, so the first three years was a period of sustained growth and focused on building our brand in the Spanish market

Since 2010 we focused on building a portfolio of suppliers that will guarantee the quality and supply fow quality products. We conducted this work at all levels. Although not produce all the products we sell, we monitor every stage of the supply chain to ensure product quality.

We are involved to continually advance the quality of our products and logistics services. As a result of effort, today we are a leader in the field of importing food products of origin in Eastern Europe and especially Romania to meet the requirements and quality standards and continuously improving the effectiveness of our management system quality. Committed to being the market leader in the distribution of food and drink of origin Romania we are a customer focused, dedicated to providing the most beneficial in a modern and functional with over 5,000 m2.

GID GESAGUI S.L. "Synonymous of total quality"

Parque Empresarial La Garena, C\ Miguel Servet nr.18 parc.183
28806 Alcala de Henares (Madrid )
Tel. (+34) 91 888 21 40
Fax. (+34) 91 883 44 94